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    There it was again and again...in cards, in books, on a well-loved piece of paper my mom had carried in her wallet for years, in my daily devotions, highlighted + dated many times in my bible, on a magnet on my fridge, and on a lunchbox note from high school that hung on my bulletin board in my old room for over a decade.

    Joshua 1:9 was showing up ev-er-y-wheree, and little did I know, God had big plans for that little verse.

    From firm foundation for my feet, to a source of courage to chase some of my biggest dreams—like writing + publishing my books Lessons from My Lunchbox: Overcoming the Bullies One Note at a Time and Lessons for Their Lunchbox, opening the doors of One:Nine, and bravely being the woman God created me to be—there was no doubt that Joshua 1:9 had found its home in my heart.

    Not only had it found its home in me, but there was a boldness and bravery inside the people I’ve surrounded myself with that inspired me on the daily; in my sweet parents, in my dearest friends, in the amazing women who make up team One:Nine, and in all of YOU.

    Joshua 1:9 described the very fabric of who we are, and who YOU are, so perfectly that it became the inspiration behind One:Nine Boutique.


    To being bold & brave, always.

    Are you with me?!

    I’m a lover of my country roots {so much so I built a farmhouse on the farm I grew up on} with a love for travel, wellness + fitness, and fashion. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, and my love for fashion goes back to dress up days in my mom’s vintage gowns and pearls. Finding the perfect pieces to fill every inch of One:Nine Boutique for all of you fills me up, and so does catching up every single time you come through our doors.


    I love getting my sweat on during a butt-kicking workout and trying new paleo recipes from Pinterest, and I also love a glass of good red wine + bowl of pasta from Bar La Grassa...balance, right!? When I’m not at the store or buying for One:Nine at my cute farmhouse {espresso in hand}, you can find me packing my suitcase {last minute, usually} for my next travel adventure, at Eagle Brook Church on Saturday nights with my family, spending time with my girlfriends turned sisters, reading an awesome book, singing + dancing at a country concert, or four-wheel riding through the wide-open spaces {messy bun, muddy Hunter boots, ripped jeans and all}.

    “Being Bold & Brave is standing firmly on God’s promises then stepping out in faith as you chase down your dreams and shine brightly as only you can do.”


    Go-To Outfit: Denim shorts {I have wayyy too many shorts} + a graphic tee + Sorels…all day, everyday.

    Favorite place to travel: Say, “Let’s book a flight,” and I’m IN, but after studying abroad in Italy during my time at the University of St. Thomas, I can’t get enough. Greece & South Africa are next on my list!

    Tea or Coffee: 3 shots of espresso over ice…I love my Hudson Starbucks.

    Neutrals or Color: Neutrals. I have a serious love for grey + white.

     Favorite Season: Fall + Summer (how can I choose just one?!) Fall fashion, for sure, but who doesn’t love WI summers.

    Favorite Music Genre: We’re always jamming to country music at One:Nine {I’m a country girl through and through}, but I also love singing along to worship music on 98.5 KTIS. Listening to a good podcast, release radar playlist on Spotify, or my latest audible book are also all faves of mine.

    For as long as I can remember, I have always had a love for fashion and style. Growing up, I was always dressing myself in {what I thought to be cute} outfits, drawing sketches of designs, and making dresses for my little sister out of anything I could find {sorry Mom for taking all the sheets + curtains}. After working in retail for a few years, I decided to follow my heart and pursue an education in fashion. I graduated from St. Catherine University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Business Administration.

    One:Nine Boutique has been my home and my heart when it comes to pursuing this dream further.

    You can find me at the store merchandising displays, working on buying, or connecting with all of YOU {that make this place such a special place to be at!}. I am so thankful to be able to be a part of something bigger than just fashion. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your personal style journey!

    Just a little more about me: I am from small-town WI where friendships grow strong + family is close. I love sippin’ on a good glass of wine {especially at all the amazing winerys in the summer}, cooking up a new recipe, listening to live music, taking trips to new places, and relaxing with family + friends. I’m always up for some pizza {Punch Pizza, anyone?} and good laughs with my most cherished girlfriends. I’m inspired and fueled by all the amazing women who are part of the One:Nine team. I get my fashion inspiration from all the bloggers I follow on Instagram {who make me want to buy E V E R Y T H I N G}. I live in ZSupply and anything denim, because what’s better than your favorite basics? On the weekends, I am most likely to be seen drinking coffee at Starbucks, adding things that I don’t need to my Target cart {the home decor gets me every time}, or worshiping at Eagle Brook Church.

    “Being Bold & Brave means whole-heartedly and fearlessly taking on new adventures while being the best you that God made you to be.”


    Go-To Outfit: Black denim, white tee, distressed denim jacket + Sorels. Give me allllll the denim!

    Favorite place to travel: Always ready for new adventures + new places! Florence + London have my heart after studying fashion there for a month… DREAM COME TRUE!

    Tea or Coffee: Espresso, iced coffee, cold brew - I want it all! Like Rach, catch me at Hudson Starbucks any day of the week.

    Neutrals or Color: What is color? Just kidding, but seriously give me all the         N E U T R A L S {not kidding, you might find me wearing a white shirt 5/7 days of the week}.

    Favorite Season: Definitely Fall! I’ll take one of each chunky sweater, please. Oh, and don’t forget the Sorel wedges {#musthave}.

    Favorite Music Genre: Do I have to pick just one? I love some good country + can’t get enough of local singers/songwriters.